Thursday, August 9, 2012

By the way...

♥ The Özaydıns

I do...he does, too!!!

July 19th at 1:00 p.m., at the Tulsa County Courthouse, I finally got to marry the man, made especially for me. I had waited for this day for so long, and although our families could not be there, the day with our close friends was perfect.

Some people may not understand, but I always knew that the person I married would be someone very special. I knew he would be someone that did not have a similar background as me, and because of that, I would learn about things I never would have opened my eyes to. When Fatih came into our life, I knew that God had sent him to be my husband and to be Caitlyn's father.

Here are some pictures of our very special day! :)

My beautiful daughter and me!

Caitlyn, Me, Rachel, Joy, and LJohn

The Groom and Bride

Exchanging our wedding rings!!

Our happy family!!

Mr. and Mrs. Özaydın

Don't we look sharp?!?!

Our rings

It's official!!!

Celebration dinner with our friends at Ruby Tuesday!

My loves!

The Özaydın Family

Such a special day for all of us, and we are so lucky and thankful we had friends to come watch and support us!!

Have a great week everyone!!
♥ The Özaydıns


The day we had been waiting for, for 10 months, had finally arrived. July 11, Fatih would finally be back home in Oklahoma. Caitlyn and I were so excited!!!

Can you tell?