Saturday, June 16, 2012

Corps Day 2011

I found a few pictures from last years Corps Day, which is my company picnic. It was held at Keystone Lake, June of last year. Last year was the first year I was able to go with both of my loves. This year, I had to go alone and even though I was with fun company, not having my family there just was not the same. Fatih is in Turkey, anxiously awaiting the approval of our fiance visa application and Caitlyn is with her grandparents for the summer. Mommy has been very bored, lol.

Here we are in the food line :)

Caitlyn and Fatih getting some yummy food.

Here we are surrounded by some friends. We are kind of hard to see, lol.

Next year, we will all be able to go and have a good time. Maybe we can get in some lake time this summer once Fatih gets home!!

♥ The Özaydıns

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