Sunday, July 1, 2012

You Play Ball Like a Girl!!!

I am a little behind on posting to our blog, so this will be a combination of Caitlyn's softball season. This season she went up and age group and was drafted into a new team, the Oklahoma Heat. We were happy to see that two other girls from her old team were also on the OK Heat!!

First off, let me just say how lucky she was to join a team with such dedication. The coaches were awesome and the girls really had some great parents. It's nice to be on a team that takes care of each other, which these parents did. If I needed to drop Caitlyn off and go to work, the moms were more than happy to watch her until I could get there.

Caitlyn struggled a lot this season when it came to batting. In previous years, she was such a strong hitter but joining a new age group really made her nervous, and it showed. However, Caitlyn never gave up and finally came out of her slump near the end of her season, with her team and coaches cheering her on!

The team was very successful this year, winning 1st place in three of their tournaments. Since Caitlyn spends the summer at her grandparents, she left the season early, so I am not sure how the rest of the season went. Here are a few pictures from three of the tournaments they were in.

Skiatook Spring Fling

Eat, Sleep, Eat Tournament
Prayer Circle
*Photo Courtesy of Dawn Long*

*Photo Courtesy of Oklahoma Heat Softball Facebook Page*

Strikes Against Cancer Tournament
*Photo Courtesy of Oklahoma Heat Softball Facebook Page*

*Photo Courtesy of Oklahoma Heat Softball Facebook Page*

*Photo Courtesy of Oklahoma Heat Softball Facebook Page*

Eventhough this season required a lot of time and money, we had fun, met some great people and are ready for the fall season!!!

Go Heat!!!
♥ The Özaydıns

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